SOLTEC HEALTH is on a mission to deliver better health. Founded by Dan Cohen, the doctor who brought the world the Breathe Right nasal strip, our technology is a quantum leap forward in sleep science. Explore the discoveries and developments in sleep management made possible through the breakthrough that is Real Time Sleep Stage Enhancement, delivered in a non-invasive, easy to use technology for sleep and stress relief.





Sleep Education

Dr. Dan Cohen is a scientist. He invented an automated brainwave monitor to prevent strokes, equipment to automatically diagnose sleep disorders used in sleep labs around the world, and has pioneered safe and effective sleep enhancement by influencing the Autonomic Nervous System. He provides insight, answering questions about sleep, gleaned from a life devoted to helping others to sleep better and enjoy better health overall.

System Education

Our breakthrough sleep technology resulted from several scientific discoveries made during the past 20 years. The SOLTEC HEALTH System provides Real Time Sleep Stage Enhancement. It monitors your sleep and tunes in to your specific frequencies, much like two tuning forks resonating in unison, to produce more beneficial sleep.

What is Slow Wave Sleep?

Slow waves refer to the brainwaves that accompany this stage of sleep. Brainwaves are categorized as Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Delta waves are the slowest brainwaves (< 3.5 cycles per second), which is why Slow Wave Sleep is also referred to as Delta Sleep. When the brain is generating Delta waves, it is switched off. There is no thinking or worrying about anything. It is at rest and peacefully asleep. During this stage of sleep, our deepest stage of sleep, the body isn’t moving, but other important healing processes are at work.

Why is Deep Sleep so Important?
Deep sleep relaxes and heals the body and mind and undeniably, is the most important sleep stage for physical restoration and rejuvenation and plays a significant role in emotional and mental processes. 
Stress and Sleep
The primary function of our nervous system is to keep us safe and secure. It is principally our senses of sight, hearing and touch, administered by our nervous system, that constantly, consciously and subconsciously, scans our environment for danger. The greater our stress level, the more hypervigilant we become, day and night. What is the result of living this way?
What Makes SOLTEC•HEALTH the Premier Sleep Aid Device?

The SOLTEC•HEALTH System, analyzes, and improves your sleep while you are sleeping. The Z•TRACK™ Analyst wearable knows if you are awake or asleep and if asleep, what stage of sleep you are in during the night.

Z•TRACK™ The Premier Sleep Wearable

Unlike other tracker devices which monitor a wide range of biometrics, Z•TRACK was designed exclusively for sleep. Not only provides exquisite details about how you sleep, as part of our interactive system, SOLTEC•HEALTH, it also helps you to fall asleep and stay asleep, by instructing Z•GEN to provide the proper sleep stimuli.

Z•TEST Sleep Score Results

The overall Z•TEST Sleep Score is a composite sleep score that includes assessments of your Sleep Time (time asleep), Depth (time spent in deep sleep), REM (time spent in REM sleep), Onset (time to fall asleep) and Efficiency (degree and amount of non-disrupted sleep during the time you have allotted for sleep). The aggregate score is reported as a single score ranging from 0 to 100. Each of the sub scores also range from 0 to 100.


About Sleep and Stress

These articles focus on the science behind sleep in general, the differing aspects of sleep and how we might explore new discoveries within the science, to better understand new therapies for enhanced sleep and reduced stress.

SOLTEC HEALTH Developments

The SOLTEC HEALTH System, with Real Time Sleep Stage Enhancement, is based on science and realized through innovation. These articles provide greater detail about the technology, its science and its benefits, both short and long-term.

Recommended Sleep Hygiene Tips
Deep sleep facilitates more REM sleep, reducing awakenings. However, achieving deep sleep requires maintaining reasonable sleep hygiene. Therefore, please consider the following: To download this document – CLICK HERE
Understanding Light Sleep is Key to Sleep Therapy
This “stage of sleep” could just as easily be classified as a lessor form of Wake. This stage of sleep occurs not only as the individual is falling asleep, but also frequently occurs during the night, as the individual oscillates between sleep and having some awakenings. To download this document – CLICK HERE
Delta Sleep is Important for Health

This stage of sleep prolongs sleep by shutting down brain function, and moving it into a state that is the furthest removed from wakefulness. Delta sleep is responsible for the secretion of growth hormone1, which causes cell repair and regeneration throughout the body. To download this document – CLICK HERE

How Much of Your Time in Bed are You Asleep?
In general, most people have a pretty good idea about what time they get in bed and what time they get out of bed. Then maybe, they do the math and figure out the total number of hours they were in bed. If someone asks them how they slept last night, they may remember how many hours they were in bed and make a judgement from that number about how well they slept. To download this document – CLICK HERE
In essence, SOLTEC•HEALTH is a real time, personalized, closed-loop feedback system, used to monitor, analyze, and improve your sleep throughout the night. To download this document – CLICK HERE
The Breathe Right Guy Introduces Sleep Right with SOLTEC™
In 1991 a local inventor showed me his invention – a Curad bandaid with a plastic strip glued to the top surface of the bandaid. I loved the idea and licensed it immediately. My Board of Directors referred to it as a nose bandaid. I called it Breathe Right and we launched the product in 1994. That was just the beginning. To download this document – CLICK HERE
SOLTEC•HEALTH™ for Stress Reduction
Turning on the Z•GEN™ Magnetic Conditioner, by your feet, enhances the function of the parasympathetic division of the ANS, thereby stimulating the relax and rejuvenate functionality of the ANS. It is that easy. You do not have to move into a meditative posture or devote your attention to any specific relaxation exercise. Simply turn it on and experience the effects. To download this document – CLICK HERE
The Z•TEST™ Sleep Score and What You Can Do to Improve Your Sleep
Are you getting less sleep than you need because you cannot fall asleep or because you cannot stay asleep? These two broad issues have a number of different causations that can easily be measured and understood so that they can be remedied. To download this document – CLICK HERE

A Story of Sleep

Hello! I’m Dan. I’ve spent a lifetime helping people sleep and I can tell you, the science has changed.

Even though the mechanism behind sleep originated over 300 million years ago, the most dramatic change in our understanding of that science just occurred.

SOLTEC HEALTH is on a mission to enhance sleep for all. Our team has developed a way to do just that, for most people, reliably and safely. Our technology stems from the basic science of sleep, so it couldn’t be more natural, and it’s potential is only as limited as humanity itself.

Image of Chairman and CEO Dan Cohen, MD

Media Contact

For media inquiries, please contact – [email protected]


See How it Works

Our app was developed to work with the components of the system to help people understand how the SOLTEC•HEALTH effects sleep. It’s easy to follow and reveals how the system works using Real Time Sleep Stage Enhancement.


Introduces Real Time Sleep Stage Enhancement

We started with the belief that all people have the ability to experience less stress, sleep better, heal and lead a better life.

SOLTEC HEALTH is pioneering a new industry through the discovery of non-invasive technological innovations which will, cost-effectively, improve sleep and reduce stress.

Sleep Right with SOLTEC™ using Real Time SSE. Real Time Sleep Stage Enhancement is possible through the science we have discovered and the technolgy we have developed over decades of research and innovation.

We hope to educate and inspire people to take sleep management into their own hands. The technology enables each user to re-experience the natural stages of sleep we need for a healthy life. Join us as we spread awareness of sleep management and its importance in total wellness and longevity.

Image of SOLTEC Health System

OUR GOAL unravel the mystery of sleep to unlock infinite possibilities

Why, for example, do most people, as they age, spend less and less time in Deep Sleep, which is the most restorative and healing stage of sleep? People in their 20s spend about 25% of their sleep time in deep sleep. By your mid 40s, you’ve lost 60% of your deep sleep. By the time you reach 70, you’ve lost 80 to 90%. When deep sleep deteriorates, so does general health.  Fortunately, new studies have shown that just because deep sleep diminishes, doesn’t mean that it can’t be restored. 

Armed with decades of sleep science research, knowledge and the latest in technical advancements, Dr. Dan Cohen together with a brilliant team of engineers, sleep experts, and designers embarked on a mission to develop a system to help people fall asleep, stay asleep and regain more youthful deep sleep. The result? Real Time Sleep Stage Enhancement, provided by our system to work with your natural sleep cycles, guided by your data, responsive to your sleep needs.

The SOLTECHEALTH System is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  All content available through the products and services of SOLTEC HEALTH is for general informational purposes only.  This product and system are protected by one or more of the following patents: U.S. Pat. Nos. 7,918,308; 8,668,045; 9,949,004; 11,478,604; and other U.S. and foreign patents pending.