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Global chip shortages are having a profound effect on production across the globe but we’re holding fast to our commitment to provide better sleep for all. Your reservation places you on our list for earliest delivery. This deposit not only secures your place in line but it guarantees the introductory price of $999, a savings of $500 off the regular price of $1499. Your deposit will be applied to the final purchase when units are ready to ship so all you have to pay is the remainder plus shipping and handling and taxes where applicable.

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SOLTEC Sleep Management System combines the most complete sleep tracking available for home use with technology that promotes sleep. Intuitive app design guides you easily through setup so you can establish your baseline. Once you have the required number of nights of data, Z•GEN can be used. Z•TRACK and Z•GEN work together to establish and provide the proper frequencies to enhance your sleep cycles, enriching and prolonging your sleep. Your progress is easy to monitor with the SOLTEC•Z App by syncing daily. Simply charge Z•TRACK while you are awake to use when you return to bed. For daily use, SOLTEC•S provides a simple and intuitive app to ease stress or help you nap. Sleep well and relax.