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I now consistently sleep through the night with Z•GEN. No more tossing and turning and I am dreaming once again.

Niki C. - Wayzata, MN

I tried it for stress and it really relaxed me.

Nora D. - Minneapolis, MN

My results have been so positive that I will never give up my Z•GEN.

Max F. - Hopkins, MN

SOLTEC•SMS is not simply another wearable.

It improves your sleep!


Better Sleep Through Research

Finding good sleep is now within reach. Our discovery has made improved sleep attainable. The files depicted below represent the kind of results that may be anticipated, based on research data and our own testing. Actual results vary with individual users based on compliance, environment and other factors.

Woman holds temples because of stress and lack of sleep

“but I can’t sleep”

When you can’t sleep it’s frustrating, but it can be more than that. Sleep is natural and necessary for good health. Getting healthy sleep is a problem for an alarming portion of the population.

“Very few people understand how devastating too little sleep is to one’s health and well-being.”

Dr. Dan Cohen

The SOLTEC Sleep Management System™ (SMS) is a scientific breakthrough engineered for sleep. Rejuvenate with deep sleep. Restore with prolonged sleep, guided by your own, natural sleep cycles.


Imagine falling asleep faster and more consistently.

Image depicting a woman who needs deeper sleep and fewer sleep interruptions


Experience uninterrupted sleep and get back to sleep more quickly.

Image depicting a woman enjoying deeper sleep from the SOLTEC SMS Sleep Management System


SOLTEC-SMS is the only system designed to deepen your sleep, which brings important rejuvenation and health benefits.


for sleep, stress and total wellness


In the morning, your sleep data is available for you to review through the SOLTEC•Z™ App. Inspect last night’s sleep  plus trended data from your past recordings.