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SLEEP is Vital


Deep Sleep Commonly Diminishes with Age

As we age, we tend to lose our Delta or Deep Sleep. Although it is common, we question its inevitability. The SOLTEC HEALTH System provides a solution to the problem of delta sleep loss.

Why is Deep Sleep Important?

Here are some reasons why securing enough deep sleep is crucial:

1. Physical Restoration: As mentioned, deep sleep is when our body does most of its repair work. From muscles worn out after a strenuous workout to tissues that need healing, deep sleep is when the magic happens.

2. Mental Restoration: Memory consolidation occurs during this phase, which means the things you learned and experienced throughout the day get processed and stored.

3. Energy Replenishment: Deep sleep ensures you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Without sufficient deep sleep, you might feel constantly drained or fatigued.

4. Supports Growth and Development: Growth hormone, crucial for children and adolescents, is primarily secreted during deep sleep.

Consolidated Sleep Graphic
Fragmented Sleep Graphic

Advancing into the fifth decade of older age is a collection of well-characterized changes in sleep architecture: longer time taken to fall asleep, shorter overall sleep duration, more awakenings, reduced amount of delta sleep, and an increased time spent awake throughout the night.

What Can Be Done About Diminishing Delta Sleep Due To Aging?

In a nutshell, deep sleep is the critical stage for both physical restoration and mental rejuvenation. It’s a healing balm for the body and mind, playing a significant role in our emotional and cognitive processes. That’s why the SOLTEC•HEALTH™ System is dedicated to nurturing an environment that encourages optimal levels of Delta wave sleep. It does so by analyzing the user’s sleep and maximizing its innate ability to move into Delta at the moment that is most suitable to each unique user. Real Time Sleep Stage Enhancement™ is the technology that makes it possible.

Fall Asleep

Image depicting a man using Z TRACK and Z GEN

Stay Asleep

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Sleep Deeper

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We move you along your natural path. Imagine sleeping better and feeling less stress 24/7. Our scientifically designed system improves your sleep quality but also significantly reduces your stress levels. Picture this – within just a few weeks, you’re waking up more refreshed, feeling less stressed and living life with more energy and focus. Join us on the journey to increasing Delta sleep and longevity itself.

Unlocking the Keys to Deep Sleep and Less Stress

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

The ANS is a very primitive neurologic system that began to evolve about 700 million years ago. That is when invertebrates began to develop organs, which required regulation. The human ANS consists of two primary divisions: the Sympathetic (SD) and Parasympathetic (PD).

Evidence strongly suggests that the SD arose first, as it is responsible for the most basic function of the nervous system: survival (fight or flight). The PD appears to have developed soon thereafter to counterbalance the effects of the SD: sleep and rejuvenation.

Since the PD opens the door to deeper sleep and less stress, unlocking its frequency language is key. The frequency spectrum of the PD is believed to operate from 0.15 hz to 0.4 hz. For deep sleep, the peak frequency centers around .25hz. Supporting the PD to function at frequencies around 0.25 hz, should produce the greatest level of stress reduction/relaxation, correlating with the production of delta sleep.

Image of frequencies (ANS)

Using actual magnets, as opposed to electromagnetism employed by other devices, the SOLTEC System produces low frequencies uncontaminated by higher frequencies, thereby increasing its effectiveness in supporting delta sleep and reducing stress.

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Stress Reduction


Stress and Sleeplessness

Graphic image of The Stress and Sleeplessness Cycle

The relationship between stress and sleep is as interwoven as the double-stranded DNA helix. 

Sleep and stress are so inextricably linked that they are simply two sides of the same coin. Stress negatively impacts sleep and poor sleep leads to more stress and poor health.

“Our goal with this project was to provide people with the means to create a local environment to promote relaxation without the user needing to actively participate.” 

Dr. Dan Cohen 


To start a session, select the level of relaxation and the amount of time you’d like for the session.

During a session, observe your relative stress level derived from heart rate variability (HRV) frequency analysis.

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